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Setting focus to input fields is easy enough with JavaScript: document.getElementById(theInputField).focus() but sometimes you need a more generic solution as what happens when the next input field changes ID?Another option is with tabindex attribute Using JQuery we can set tab index dynamically easily Try this code- set the tabindex and increment the variable.Can anyone suggest me a way to do it using any of the technologies e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript? Javascript tabindexJavascript tabindex focus sets focus to next element.background-color: grey opacity: .7 filter: alpha(opacity70) position: fixed top: 100px left: 100px width: 500px height: 300px z- index: 10 border: 1px solid black display: none Setting Focus From Another Event.This example is a variation on the one above: . javascript set tabindex. Ads. HTML DOM tabIndex Property Is there any attribute like tab-index? CONTEXT : Im making a section in a web form visible or invisible depending on some condition where I want to set the tab-index Focus Next Element In Tab Index. Here is my full working script06/01/2007 Is there a way in javascript to set the focus on the item with the next tabIndex value? Categories: A. javascript A tabIndex.Tabbing order follows a strict set of rules. Elements that have values other than zero assigned to their tabIndex properties are first in line when a user starts tabbing in a page. In this implementation, each item in the menu is made focusable by setting tabindex"-1" so the JavaScript can use element.focus() to set focus in response to events that trigger focus movement inside the menu. Focus, tabIndex and behaviour of the browsers when using different events.In situation with focusable nodes, I was wandering what information does browser expose to the JavaScript environment, depending on the tabIndex and node type (like input and div). Javascript to prevent enter key form submit and make enter key act as tab .Can be configured to follow any tabindex values in use. Does not pass focus to Submit or Reset buttons. Ignores elements with inline style display:none or visibility:hidden. Ive tried using javascript, jQuery, and the console window from within Chrome. Ive set the tabinput autocomplete"off" class"shiny-box typing-box" id"inputBox" spellcheck"false" tabindex"-1" typeHow to help the debugger see my javascript, or how to best refactor my script to help make it JavaScript focus method can be used to set focus to the current window, to the input text box , to the specific button or to any radio button and many more elements.