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Code Snippets » JavaScript » CSS for when JavaScript is Enabled.So a user withOut JS will get while a user With JS turned on will get ( by removing the class xhtml and adding js ). Ignoring inline styles, the other approach that you can use to introduce elements to the goodness that is CSS styling involves JavaScript.The other way is by adding or removing class values from an element which may result in certain style rules getting applied or ignored. Get CSS classes into Javascript code 2015-08-09.jqueryHow to style form elements unobtrusively with JavaScript and CSS 2015-07-16. How to style from elements unobtrusively in all browsers including IE6 There are a few plugins that do what you want. Sign in Get started.The :root CSS pseudo-class matches the root element of a tree representing the document.So thats it for Accessing and modifying CSS variables with Javascript. Adding a class to an element using javascript Add javascript function using css class Change onclick function for anchor tag using JavaScript Getting started with BBC Glow javascript library. I have an element with multiple classes and Id like to get its css classes in an array. How would I do this?I know I can set a CSS value through JavaScript such as: But, can I get a current specific style value? GET CODING! Learn HTML, CSS Javascript build a website, app game.In this piece of code you can see how to apply CSS using the class attribute. This time you add CSS to your page by adding the