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SINT API SL/CF, ACEA A3/B3/B4) F1 Master Sinttico 5W30 CASTROL SPHEEROL EPL 1W (LEO MOTOR DIESEL 15W40 CH-4) Brutus T5 ELF / TOTAL ELF POWER NAUTIC NMMA TCW 3 ( MINERAL) MarinaMinistrio da Cincia e Tecnologia - MCT Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos The 15W40 is compatible with all mineral, semi-synthetic and most synthetic motor oils. It is approved for diesel and gasoline engines. CCS, ASTM D4686, -20oC, cP : 5740. Total Base Number, ASTM D2896. NEPTUNA TOURING 15W-40. Mineral oil for 4-stroke Petrol or Diesel engines used for pleasure craft.TOTAL LUBRIFIANTS 16, rue de la Rpublique F- 92800 PUTEAUX 1/1. NEPTUNA TOURING 15W-40 Sheet updated : 10/2008. Total Lubricants. Uploaded by jmunja.Semi-Synthetic. API SM/CF ILSAC GF-4(10w30 below) API SL/CF, A3 GF-(5w30 API SM/CF. Mineral. Lucas Semi-Synthetic 10W-40.Expect less oil consumption and reduced engine wear. It resists oxidation and thermal breakdown for total protection in new and older engines.

AGRIMOT ULTRATEC 10W40 (semi-synthetic). AGRIMOT SDX 15W40 (mineral). AGRIMOT SDM 15W40 (mineral). Quantity. Classification. Viscosity Grade. 31 CAT DEO-ULS 15W-40. Caterpillar Inc.297 HS DH1-DH2 Semi Synth Engine Oil PAKELO MOTOR OIL s.r.

l.Keystone mineral 15W-40 DH-2/CF-4. For. Diesel.Total oil asia-pacific pte. Ltd. D065TAP101. Aral BP castrol caltex fina fuchs gulf mobil shell shell texaco total total total valvoline valvoline ypf. Diesel Engine Oils. Mega turboral 10W-40 vanellus C6 global 15W-40 tection global 15W-40 delo gold ultra 15W-40 fina kappa first 5W-40 (100 synthetic) Mobil Super M 15W-40 (mineral) Mobil Super S 5W-40 and 10 W-40 (mineral w/ synth additives) Pentosin Pentosynth TS(Mercedes-Benz) Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30, 0W-40, 5W-40 Sunoco Synturo Gold SAE 5 W40 (introduced January 2002) Total FINA First 5W40 Total LUKOIL AVANTGARDE EXTRA are modern semi-synthetic 96 (10W-40) and mineral ( 15W-40) multigrade engine oils.The entire production cycle ends with the packaging sector, which shall benefit of total new investments up to 500,000. AVENO MINERAL SUPER 15W-40 is a mineral multigrade engine oil for passenger cars with and without turbocharging as well as for commercial vehicle engines.DIN ISO 3016. Total Base Number. 15W-40. AC DELCO Magna Long Drain. 205 л. Минеральное. 15W-40. AC DELCO Magna Multi Duty.ПолуСинтетическое. 10W-40. ADDINOL Semi Synth 1040. 1 л. ПолуСинтетическое. 10 W-40. Play and Listen diferencas basicas das categorias de oleos leo Semi Sinttico, sintetico, mineral - Diferenas Mp3. By LEO LUB troca de leoPublish 2016-08-19.Qual leo usar? 15W40 semi-sintetico/ 20W50 mineral. Semi Synthetic 15W-40. High Torque Diesel Formula Engine Oil.stress and load Semi synthetic formulation offers greater protection. over standard mineral oil For small to heavy-duty, turbocharged and nonTotal Base Number (mg KOH/g) ASTM D2896 Flash Point (C) ASTM D92. 1L Car Engine Oil 1 Litre SAE 15W40 A3 B3 Part Semi Synthetic - Castrol GTX.TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 15w40 Diesel Mineral Engine Oil - 5 Litre. Location: stewiacke,ns,canada. Re: Diesel semi synth 15w40 vs fully synth 5w30? It is interesting to read the ongoing debate re:synthetic vs mineral based oil. I am a new Jetta TDI owner and of course want the best for my car in regards to engine oil. OWS 10W40 This is their "semi synth" oil - its hydro-cracked , your link is mineral , not sure if THIS is good for you , but i have faith in OWS , all their products rock.Experience - Castrol Magnatec Vs Total Quartz 7000. abhaybakshi. Eni i-Sint is a full range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils formulated on the basis of the requirements and potential of any type of motor under all conditions of use.15W-40 all fuels. engine protection . Engine Oil,Break fluid,Grease,Gear Oil,ATF. Total Revenue: US10 Million - US50 Million.High Quality Power Up Mineral Engine Oil 4T Oil SAE 15W40 SF.Diesel Engine Oil Semi Synthetic SAE 15W40 Best Performance. This oil is formulated from a highly refined mineral oil and an advanced additive system, showing excellent high temperature viscosity retention under extended service.PAROIL E releases excess heat efficiently, PAROIL E has an excellent Total Base. Premium Mineral 15W-40 Everyday Engine Oil.For increased performance and protection use Nulon Semi Synthetic 15W-40 Modern Everyday Engine Oil (Part No. Model: SUPER C / Super C Viscosity: 15W-40 APIDH2/sh Quantity: 20 L pail Mineral oil.Payment Amount Product price total shipping fee Upon confirming your order, we will send you a link to make a payment via Alipays secure payment page. Total RUBIA XT 15W-40. Multigrade oil for diesel engines.mineral.Deo 6000 sae 15W-40. Caterpillar.Dynamic plus 15W-40. Dynamic semi-synthetic. They consist of mineral, semi- or fully synthetic base oil (base stocks) plus a varying number and amount of additives. The quality of an engine oil depends on the base stock and its properties as well as on the additives.Measurement data. SAE 15W-40. Eurol Bediga 15W-40. Mineral motor oil for mixed fleet.The reader is advised to make the final product choice in dialogue with the supplier. Eurol B.V. Energiestraat 12, 7442 DA Nijverdal, Netherlands, tel. AGRIMOT SDM 15W40 (mineral). Quantity. 1000 L 208 L 20 L.AGRISHIFT AX 80W-140 (semi-synthetic) AGRISHIFT MT 80W-90 (total driveline) TOTAL DYNATRANS AC 30 AGRISHIFT BLS 90. Semi synthetic gear box oil. Mineral gearbox oil.SYNTH ECO G2 5W20.C. -33. Total Base Number. mgKOH/g. Full shyntetic Mineral Semi synth Synthesis other.Citroen xantia Citroen xsara Dacia dokker Dacia logan Dacia renault duster Dacia sandero Daewoo-fso lanos Daewoo tico Daf Daf xf 95/105 Dodge caliber Dodge journey Dodge nitro Fiat 500 Fiat Scudo Fiat bravo Fiat cinquecento Fiat doblo Fiat CAPRANO TDI 15W-40. Mineral engine oil for fast-running Diesel engine used in navigation.TOTAL CAPRANO TDI 15W-40 contains excellent viscosity stability in service, guaranteeing effective engine lubrication in severe conditions. RUBIA XT 15W-40. Multigrade mineral lubricant for on-road diesel engines.TOTAL RUBIA XT 15W-40 contains good viscosity stability in service, guaranteeing efficient engine lubrication in severe conditions. Nulon Semi Synthetic 15W-40 Modern Everyday Engine Oil meets the requirements of a vast array of vehicles, offering added protection and performance over conventional mineral engine oil.Sulphated Ash (mass ) ASTM D874 Total Base Number (mg KOH/g) ASTM D2896 Flash Point (C) ASTM D92. TROCA DE LEO SEMI SINT TICO COM FILTRO Piracicaba CLMTroca De Leo 4 Litros Semi Sint Tico 15W40 Ou MineralTroca De Leo 4 Litros Semi Sint Tico 15W40 Ou MineralPromo O De Neopentil Glicol Compras Online De NeopentilHP Super LeoTruc Tiep Bong Da Ngoai Hang Anh. Power Guard DEO SAE 15W-40. Tognum Asia Pte Ltd. Fascination of Power.SAE TBN Remarks viscosity class. Gulf Oil International. Gulf Fleet Force synth. Superfleet ELD. - total solid content: - chloride: - sulphate: 5.59.0. 170 ppm (calcium and/or magnesium car-bonate).API GL4 SAE 90 Synthetic/ semi-syn-thetic oil. DAF Super 80W90. DAF Premi-um.Fabrika maziva FAM a.D, kruevac/srb. Multihipo 75W-90 sint. count/total.5W40 Synthetic VS regular 15W40. The two were outside overnight at -25C or -13F. These two oils are offered in shops for semi trucks here in Canada. Alibaba.com offers 5 deo 15w40 products. About 80 of these are lubricant. A wide variety of deo 15w40 options are available to youbranded deo bekra mineral deo stick deo perfume deo cream deo sticks deo body spray cobra series deo dorant body spray deo spray cosmeticsTotal Revenue. 15W40 SEMI-SINTETICO/ 20W50 MINERAL. Atualmente estou usando o leo 20W50 Mineral com Militec-1.Valvoline Mineral 15W 40 API SL. La qumica exclusiva de estos productos reduce la friccin e incrementa la fuerza motriz. Lubrita DEO SHPX 15W-40. A new generation gasoline- and diesel engine oil.Viscosity 100 C Viscosity Index Flash Point COC Pour Point Total Base Number Sulphate Ash. Unit kg/ mPa.s mm2/s mm/s. Semi Synthetic. Mineral.Semi Synthetic 15W-40 is designed for use in modern 4, 6 8 cylinder, multi-cam, multi-valve (including VVT), naturally aspirated, supercharged turbocharged engines. ATF-Transmission fluids mineral. Gear oils for manual transmissions mineral.AVENO Semi Synth. 10W-30 is a semi synthetic high-performance, smooth-running engine oil for carburettor and diesel car engines with or without turbocharging and direct injection. Crystal DEO HPX 15W-40. An advanced universal mul grade engine oil.requirements of. Typical Analysis. Property Density 15C Viscosity -20 C Viscosity 40 C Viscosity 100 C Viscosity Index Flash Point COC Pour Point Total Base Number Sulphate Ash. TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 15W-40 is a mineral oil-based engine lubricant approved and recommended by Peugeot and Citron and which meets the requirements of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, BMW and Mini.Semi-organic Mineral. Масла и смазки Лукойл и Teboil в Красноярском крае, Хакасии, Тыве, Магаданской области Semi-synthetic. ACEA specifications: B4, A3. MANNOL Standard 15W40 is a multipurpose multigrade engine oil with a highly purified mineral basis for highly augmented petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharger.TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 15w40 Multigrade Mineral Engine Oil - 5 Litre. O semi-sinttico no vale a pena, j que vai gastar mais, coloca o sinttico. E se andar menos de 6 mil km em 6 meses, coloca o mineral que bem maisUtilizar lubrificantes da mais alta categoria API benfico ao motor, que recebe melhor lubrificao e evita a formao de borra nos condutos de leo. Fiquei preocupada pois o Mobil s esta escrito 15w40 mineral, e o Selenia esta escrito 15w40 semi sinttico API SM/CF, SERA QUE TEM ALGUM PROBLEMA NO PALIOBest Answer: se mistura tipos de oleo!!(mineral, semisintetico e sintetico), deve se fazer um flushing no carter antes da troca. 1L can, 5L can, 20L jerrican, 60L drum, 208L drum, Bulk. Product Name: CAT DEO 15W-40 (DIESEL ENGINE OIL). Product Description: Base Oil and Additives.

OTHER INFORMATION Freezing Point: N/D Melting Point: N/A Pour Point: -27C (-17F) DMSO Extract ( mineral oil only), IP-346 SUPERDIESEL MULTIGRADE 15W-40.Eni research has produced i-sint: a new line of lubricants especially configured to meet the needs of your car. i- Sint is a complete range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral lubricating oils designed according to the characteristics and potential of


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