validate mm/dd/yyyy date format javascript





How about validating dates in "ANY" date format? Ive been using the DateJS library and adding it to existing forms to ensure that I get valid dates times formatted the way that I want Format date to MM/dd/yyyy in JavaScript. The date format in dd-MonthYYYY example. Following is an example of JavaScript format date.Similarly, you can format date according to local format like mm/dd/yyyy by using concatenating characters. I want to validate BirthDate, which should be in "mm/dd/yyyy" format, on the client side.If you want to validate date in mm/dd/yyyy format using javascript you can use the following snippet of code. txtdate is having textbox id. Description: This script validates a date field to ensure its in the format mm/dd/yyyy. It also intelligently checks that the date ranges are valid, so something like 02/30/2005 is caught.CSS Library | JavaScript DHTML Menus. Note supplied date format and date string go hand in hand.