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I noticed that when using 2 finger scroll in Chrome on the surface bookThis happens to me too but with Skype. I dont really have a good solution but usually if I give it some time it will start working on its own. We are using the ion-scroll horizontal in our application to display a list of cards (that include more details about each item in the list).this worked in my case, but there are few questions I have around this. during the process of development, I use " ionic serve" and on chrome browser I enable device In google chrome, clicking the "Find out why" link works fine and scrolls to the section, but using the mouse wheel or scroll bar atThis seems to be happening in some other peoples muse websites in chrome that I looked at too: it seems to be layers that are causing the issue when viewed in chrome. As a result, the number of pitfalls that developers need to look out for when working with Ionic is still high.Native Scrolling allows Ionic to listen to scrolling events on supported webviews.Once your app is launched on the device, open the console via Chrome dev tools (on your computer) Hi, this problem has been driving me insane all day Upon doing some very basic CSS changes, I now find oddly the mouse scroll on windows chrome no longer works!? Android Internet iOS Windows Gadgets Mac Gaming. Mouse Scroll Not Working ?Here are two extensions (for Chrome and Firefox) that can help you set up smart scrolling and ensure that you can scroll a page even when the mouse scroll button refuses to work. If youve got the Smooth Scroll Extension installed it is the culprit. My Chrome was working perfectly until I started the computer tonight. Apparently, this extension got updated today and stopped working properly. Home Forums Revelance WordPress Theme Scroll not working in Chrome.Hi, For some reason the scroll feature has stopped working in Chrome. It works fine in Safari and on mobile. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks! Ionic ion-scroll with fixed elements.

ion-infinite-scroll inside ion-list. Infinite Scrolling of dynamic data with ionic 1 and angular js 1.So I put that code inside the ion-scroll but somehow current implementation is not working i.g. the method is. The element used for scrolling manipulation in ionic apps is called as the ion-scroll.An Infinite scroll is used to trigger some behavior when scrolling passes the bottom of the page. The following example shows how this works. I have a scroll bar, however, the arrows at top and bottom are now gone so when I click in there I get a page down or up instead of a line down or up.I didnt need a google account to have Chrome at work so not sure this is correct. I have tried many solutions that worked in Ionic 1, but they do not work in Ionic 2I want to be able to scroll the whole page, but without the scroll bar being displayed. In Google Chrome its: ::-webkit-scrollbar display: none But Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer do not seem to work like this. If ion-scroll is removed, it works.The ng-click and link click is not working in chrome emulation mode. Without emulation, it works fine.

overflow : hidden does not work in Chrome. I have a simple html as follow and I add style overflow: hidden to stop browser being scrolled and it works with all browsersWhy, using HostListener, keypress event fires a number of time equal of the times the page is visited ( ionic2/typescript)? Scrolling in Chrome on Windows 7 is very slow? 1. Extension shortcuts in Google Chrome dont have text in them, Windows 7. 0.Chrome desktop shortcut not working after renaming chrome.exe. 0. Web Browser Discussion Support. Scroll not working in Chrome on Windows 8.1.Although it is working in every other browser and in Windows explorer but doesnt work in chrome. Ibrahim Awwad. September 05, 2017 02:04. None. Follow. Filters scroll bar not working in Chrome.I cant access the filters in Chrome, Mozilla or Opera whats going on Redfin? Ionic : how to detect bottom scroll? Ionic app developed in xdk working in its emulator but not in browser?16. Ionic has-header ionic-side-menus not working. 17. onClick within Chrome Extension not working. Horizontal scroll on my ionic tablet app is not working on iOS 10, still works fine on iOS 8 and 9. Using cordova-ios 4.1.1. When I try to pull the list to the left the scroll just bounces immediately. Ionic ion-list when placed inside ion-slide-box, the vertical scroll not worked in chrome.I have written ionic code for horizontal image slider using ion-scroll in ion -list . It is working properly. But I want my page should be scroll able vertically also like Flipcart app. But this doesnt work in (the new) chrome (33.0.

1750), it works fine in firefox.Any luck with this? Im having the same problem. See also this post if youre using chrome List doesnt scroll horizntally. How do you handle telling it the max-height, also? Google chrome is currently the most popular web browser for PC. So, Logically, You do scroll up and down most in this browser. But, Have you ever experienced that scrolling is not working properly in chrome? Hi there, Im trying to test an adaptive prototype using my android phone (an LG G2), and scrolling using the touchscreen does not work in Chrome browser for android. Interestingly, the stock Android browser works just fine. ion-list> . The above styleheight:95 will fix your issue and make sidebar scrollable. Scrolling stops working after a short while. All other programs it works fine. Also in Chrome at the moment where scrolling doesnt work, the 3-finger window switch still works. Could you please provide a workable demo implementation of a flash/flex project?I have a follow-up bug to report, also only occurring in Chrome. Scrolling usually works fine, unless you try to scroll when your cursor is over an empty area (ie. nothing rendered). if(!ionic.Platform.isIOS())ionicConfigProvider.scrolling.jsScrolling(false) ) the issue that my scrolling stop working at all very similar to: code pen.thanks For helping! after looking on it looks that the issue happens only on chrome. Scrolling capture is not working for Chrome (About Chrome shows version 24.0.1312.56 m) in my Snag-It installation. In Chrome/FF its supposed to go back and forward in Flash player is not working in chrome how do i fix it? No worry! I am using overflow-scroll "true" to make ionic use native scrolling : < ion-content overflow-scroll though.Also please note this works fine on Google Chrome on android, so hopefully its going to be fixed someday. If you scroll back up, the action buttons disappear. It works perfectly in Chrome, but is not working in Firefox or Internet Explorer. I am using other JQuery. I am not getting a scroll-bar for box in chrome but getting in fire fox and internet explorer border-radius: 0px padding:0 border: solidoverflow-y not working in safari inside a modal. overflow-y: scroll ionic scroll bar not working on iphone. Related. The ng-click and link click is not working in chrome emulation mode.If ion-scroll is removed, it works. I had similar problem, I had used a script to enable swiping on touch events on web page. which because of its coding implementation did not allow click events to function. Hello, Im using Ionic to build an app and I havent had too many problems so far.In Firefox its working perfectly fine, in Chrome it only lets me scroll when I use the mousewheel (or two fingers on my laptops touchpad) and on the mobile device (Android 5.1.1) its not working at all. Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook. Vertical scrolling not working in Ionic.maybe its me, but that doesnt appear to be working (at least not in Chrome) CaffGeek Nov 26 14 at 19:06. CaffGeek What isnt working for you? Im trying to resolve a problem with a website where links on the main navigation menu are meant to cause the page to scroll down to a section of the page, and its not working in Chrome. It does work ok in Firefox. However, we have noticed that the mouse scroll does not work in Chrome on multiple different PCs (have not tried on Mac). All other browsers seem to work fine. I tried clearing the cache, disabling all plugins, and enabling and checking the error log (empty). However, everything works fine on firefox. Only my particular website is having this problem and that to only on chrome. - scroll by wheel works when the pointer is on scroll bar - it works by arrow keys - i can also scroll by dragging the scroll bar. - it even work before the page is fully loaded i have a precision touchpad in my dell laptop.dont know if its a problem in chrome,sometimes the scrolling feature in my laptop touch pad suddenly stops working.when i close and restart the browser it works.this doesnt happen in any browser or other application. Enable Chrome Smooth Scrolling | The Chrome Zone - Продолжительность: 3:32 Essence of Zen 2 302 просмотра.[Fixed] Touch screen not working in Google Chrome Windows 8 or 10 - Продолжительность: 2:53 Fanny Magnet 2 990 просмотров. Looks like a problem with scrollto on chrome, I googled "jquery localscroll chrome problem", and found Animated scrolling suddenly stopped working in chrome Issue 15 flesler/jquery.scrollTo. I tried several Ionic 2 solutions (for example How can I disable or hide the scrollbar within an Ionic 2 ), but they dont seem to work, and they dont all apply since the files are not all the same. I also tried overflow- scroll"false" on my ion-content, no success. hello friends i want to develop scroll in scroll in vertical and horizontal both manner means main scroll is vertical and inside that horizontal block will be there my code is as below.Swapnil Patwa : thanks for your suggestions it is working Harshal Kalavadiya Sep 8 at 4:49.


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