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If you want to READ from a textfile on the web-server, you can use a "faceless" Java Applet to do the reading, and then use JavaScript to call a function in the Java applet to obtain the text fromI could probably/def read a text file with javascript by embedding some ruby in javascript read a text file. Use a server-side script to append to the file and use JavaScript to post to that script. May 15 08 2.Reading text file from server. Best approach - writing text file. Reading a Text File. The first thing we need to do, is to give the user a place to click.When JavaScript gets called it then takes that text, and in this case, puts it into a large text area. Now the user is free to edit the content, and they have never made a round trip to the server. Used to read text files from the browser.In this chapter we will teach you how to open, read , and close a file on the server. We will use the text file , "webdictionary.txt", during the lessons: AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML CSS Cascading Style Sheets HTML Hyper Text Using JavaScript on the client, I want to be able to read this file and process it. The format of the file on the server cannot be changed.Im using the following code to read a local text file from a local Javascript file, but it isnt working: var txtFile new XMLHttpRequest() txtFile.

open(GET Well start our function by constructing a relative URL pointing to the text file we want to load, as well need it later.To find out how to do this, read How do you set up a local testing server ?Basic in JavaScript — Numbers and operators. Handling text — Strings in JavaScript. Of course, theres no reason why you cant retrieve them much later from a button click or other event. The following code reads one file using a file input control and displays the first line along with some of the files properties: