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Even in the middle of your page or posts content. React side of the application is simple. License settings will then appear below. SMCL enables both pixel- and compositing-based Media Computation with RGBA- formatted red, green, blue, aplha bitmaps. I saw a potential answer here but that was for YYYY-MM-DD: JavaScript date validation. I modified the code code above for MM-DD-YYYY like so but I still cant get it to workalert("The date format should be :") A lot of the JavaScript examples out there to get current date in the format yyyy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yyyy, etc dont highlight the fact that they make assumptions . Javascript toolbox - date formatting and format validation, Description: these functions are very useful when dealing with any type of date fields. they use the same format strings as the java.text.simpledateformat class, with Wikipedia:mosnum/proposal on yyyy-mm-dd numerical This question already has an answer here: Format JavaScript Date to yyyy- mm-dd 20 answers. If you want to stick to plain js: Date.prototype.yyyymmdd function() var mm this.getMonth() 1 var dd this.getDate() Return [this.getFullYear(), (mm>9 ? : 0) mm Write a regex to validate date format in javascript.We match the value in the format of yyyy/mm/dd, so lets write some regex. This question already has an answer here: Where can I find documentation on formatting a date in JavaScript?today new Date() var dateString today.format("yyyy-mm-dd h:mm") alert(dateString)