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There are several PHP Library or classes that can be used to compress javascript file, but most of them dont have a feature to obfuscate / mangle the code, it only removes comments, spaces, line break, etc, so the resulted file size is not at best. A simple trick, but nevertheless useful. What other ways do you pass data between PHP and JavaScript?Related Posts. Zipping Multiple Folders Into Separate Zip Files. I have a PHP File, which should give me a JSON Object so I can display it in my HTML File. This works perfectly, I receive a output, which looks like a JSON Object, but although I will post the PHP File here Email codedump link for Error with using PHP File in javascript. And conversely, how to use the values of PHP variables in JavaScript?Actually, when a file is loaded by the action property of a form, all objects of the form are given as parameters to the script file, with the format What you need to understand is that its not just with PHP. If you create the same Javascript snippet in say file.html, you will still get the exact same results. It has nothing to do with whether you save it in file.php or file.html. Likewise putting JavaScript in an HTML file (without the appropriate encapsulating tags) will also cause undesirable results in most cases.The PHP file initiates a SESSION variable, jscount to be 0 and then outputs a simple HTML page. I basically copy the same javascript code, and place it in another file called formchk. js. and reference it from the php file, like so, using the following line of code :- echo "< script languageJavaScript srcScripts/formchk.js typetext/javascript>" This script can download any file from local server and webserver.using this video pdf file,rar file,mp3 file,image,etc upload and download in local server andDrag And Drop File Upload Using JavaScript And PHP. You can simply call this as:

To change this, the HTML and client-side JavaScript files would need to be modified to refer to .njs files instead of .php files.For any web application that is converted from PHP to Node.js, each .

php file in the application will cause both a new require() function call and an else-if statement to be It reads your .php files, runs PHP that it finds, sends HTML to the browser, and exits. There is no "spooky action at a distance" that allows you to run PHP code from within the Javascript code. Unsure what you are trying to accomplish. The short answer is that you dont write JavaScript in PHP. I havent always had this position and I understand the desire for making a quick and simple solution.You basically want your PHP file to determine what Javascript code should be sent to the browser to be executed. In order to prevent Javascript errors or layout and style issues caused by web browsers caching these files, I used to rename the file for each revision, and then modify the name of the CSS or JS file in my PHP header include files. How can i pass data (associative array) to php file.The way i read this, you are in javascript, and you have a javascript object ( javascript does not have associative arrays, just arrays and objects). Today well try to upload a file with an interesting way. This tutorial will show you how to upload file using JavaScript and PHP.Using iframe, JavaScript and PHP, you can easily upload file to the server. 1) By writing the entire JS script within PHP code and adding it to the web page with PHP function "echo" (or "print").- Test it yourself, in a .php file, on the server. 3. Displaying data from PHP with JavaScript, according to a URL. Lets look at one way to solve it. First Attempt. We could always open our canvas in a new browser tab (or window) with the toDataURL JavaScript method.The first PHP file saves the passed in canvas data to the server at a random location determined by the md5(uniqid()) method. If you just need to pass variables from PHP to the javascript, you can have a tag in the php/html file using the javascript to begin with.