names of god and goddesses in ancient egypt





The Ancient Egyptians had many gods and goddesses who are represented in human form with the head of a bird or a beast.Bastet (Bast) was an Egyptian goddess from Lower Egypt who was associated with joy, music and dancing. Names of God Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses List ».Geb was the Egyptian god of the Earth and a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis. It was believed in ancient Egypt that Gebs laughter were earthquakes and that he allowed crops to grow. Egyptian Gods. There were over 2,000 different names of Gods in Ancient Egypt. Some images of Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses show them with a human body and the head of a bird or an animal. Standard Industries (Pte) LtdIIICONThe Roots of llliCreation Myths Gods and GoddlGreat LegendsTI GODS AND GODDESSES Aboveof Egypt, becauseStephanus of Byzantium ( 600) cites 15 Egyptian town - names from it.The best-known, and most informative, ancient Greek visitor Ancient Egypt gods and goddesses?In Egypt, not only were there gods like Ra (the sun god) or Hathor ( goddess of love) each family had a special deity, and it was believed this family god protected the members of that family. The Names of Egyptian Gods provide a fast, easy overview and reference guide to the major deities of Ancient Egypt.In depth facts and additional interesting information about the major Egyptian gods are available in specific articles relating to the individual deities and goddesses of ancient Egypt. Gods and Goddesses