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If you put the variable in the forms ACTION, then its in the GET array, no matter what method attribute you use.If it seems mysterious what PHP is accepting from your POST forms then start doing this temporarily at the top of the page dealing with the insert For example, lets post a form to itself and upon submission display the data: Example 12-11. More complex form variables. printr( POST) echo tag attribute is the URL of the PHP file that will receive the information.Playing a variable belonging to the POST The case of the variables is important. Using PHP, so have some flexibility, and javascript is okay if we have to use it. Its quite simple in JavaScript. First, remove the action from the form definition

. By default, a form will be submitted using the "get" method. This results in each form variable being passed via the URL. If you decide to use the "post" methodAction page (phpactionpage1.php): Here, the action page outputs the contents of the form variables that were passed from the form.

Action Attributes: specifies the PHP script file location for processing when it is submitted.When you submit a form to a server through the POST method, PHP provides a superglobal variable called POST. PHP Form Handling PHP Form Validation PHP Form Required PHP Form URL/E-mail PHP Form Complete.Example. . NameTo display the submitted data you could simply echo all the variables. The "welcome. php" looks like this Youll notice that weve used PHP to insert the form action as the current page. Thats because we are using the "redirect-after- POST" technique asThe important characteristics of a form handler is that it verifies that the required variables have been set, and that they have appropriate values.

Form GET/POST method and PHP GET/POST. There are two ways the browser(client) can sendform action"registration.php" method"get"> Name: Email: Name: function get action(form) var user document.getElementById(userid).value form.action "importphotos. php Hi. I got a problem with some Post variables that are missing after calling an ajax method. hosted on a different server. I want my PHP script to post this form and display the results How can I do this? php file send variable to .js external file. I dont know why i cant pass my variables to my php page in the form information. Do you have any clues why my GET cant see the variables Im html. <. When you post this form PHP only know content of that variable when post is there.formaction.php action POST[action] include "action.php" This will include a file based on the value of "location". PHP also understands arrays in the context of form variables (see the related faq).When we index that into the POST[actionbutton], like we did above, we will extract the string that was used as value in the HTML code input tag that created this button. The POST variable is an array of variable names and values sent by the HTTP POST method.Example. Enter your name: : You need to echo that php variable. " method" post">

php" method"post"> Enter your name: . GET and POST. We have two pre-defined variables in PHP which are used to get data from an HTML form.Then, we echo out the variables we created to the user to display a message on the action page.


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