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The list of longest train services of Indian Railways contains regular passenger rail services that are currently scheduled and running directly between two cities of India which are more than 2000 km apart. The special trains, coach changes, shunting or station transfers are not listed here. Well, this is one more piece of information for those of you who are new to India in general and the train travel in India in particular.At first well try to get a grip on the classes you can opt for in a typical long-distance train. Second Class ( General Compartment) This is one of the cheapest ways to travel in India and perfect for a short trip and a great feel of India.He travels along with you. For very long distance trains a new TTE takes charge every day. He locks the coaches from inside during the nights. Travelling by train in India, Train reservations on Indian railways, I-Tickets, E-Tickets, Print your own tickets for railway bookings.Train travel planning - Timings - Fares - Reservations. The best way for touring India is to travel the country by train. If there is an iconic image of travelling in India, it is surely that of a bright coloured train packed with people, going across places of scenic beauty that appearThis is the railway scenario in India: trains and more trains that go all over the country, covering short, middle and very long distances. If the fantasy of traveling back in time and experiencing the grand royalty interests and intrigues you, then luxury trains in India might well exceed yourBest among all Indian luxury trains, Maharajas Express is also one of the 5 most luxurious trains in the world. This half-a-mile long train boasts of To cover so much ground, trains travel all across India between many stations.In contrast, the longest distance that is covered by a train is 4,273 kms. The distance is between the stations of Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari and the train that covers it is called the Vivek Express. Heres a rough guide to the different forms of Indian train travel and the Indian train system.The broad gauge trains travel much faster than the meter gauge trains because the rails are wider. There are a number of types of long distance trains in India. The thing about traveling by train in India is that it is always overbooked and very busy. You would be very wise to know your itinerary and book ahead. Unfortunately for Dave and I, we are on a very loose schedule and like to go with the flow. We never know how long we want to stay in a place Most of the time, train travel in India is an incredibly efficient, cheap, and immersive way to travel. You can cover long distances overnight, you dont have to bother with the airport, and you can dive head first into Indias culture. So also when you go on long train journeys you get tired and you need to follow some tips for comfort.

Sometimes the very thought of travelling in trains in India makes you worried about the food in trains, restrooms in the trains and the overall hygienic conditions of the trains. Poverty is something any traveller to India must become accustomed to, but Hanley found the presence of children begging aboard the train toDespite these reservations, however, Hanley adores this South Asian country and plans to visit again but next time, perhaps hell travel by car or foot. Find the list of top ten longest train routes in India with detail information.Like most other long-distance trains this express is also scheduled to run once a week and travels through seven states. How to buy Indian train tickets online. Tips for train travel in India.Other luxury cruise trains The Palace on Wheels is no longer the only cruise train in India. A number have sprung up, though prices are sky-high. Indian Train image source Shutterstock. For last few years I had not done any long Journey by Train.But when compared to the trains here, I wonder where all the revenue is going. I also fancy of travelling in India in a train.I hope to do that soon . Posted by Abhinav in India, India, Travel Advice.Booking a train ticket for long distance trains in India can be a bit confusing if youre doing it for the first time. The Indian rail network is the third largest in the world, and the rail system is efficient, if not always on schedule. Tracks running well over 60,000 kilometers help connect about 7,500 stations, ferrying nearly 20 million people every day. Long-distance buses travel on all major highways and connect all cities in India. Traveling by bus is not nearly as comfortable as traveling by train, but buses usually run on time, which is the only major advantage. Monisha Rajesh offers an insiders guide to booking train travel in India . Traveling by train in India gives you a window into the daily life of Indian families who you will travel alongside on your journey.For this reason, you may even decide to plan your destinations around some of the most famous train routes. The countrys longest route runs from the southern-most tip The Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express, train 15906, which travels from the lush jungles of hilly Northeast India in Assam to the coastal city of Kanyakumari at the tip of India in Tamil Nadu, takes three days and four nights with 56 halts before reaching its destination. Billed as the longest train Unlike other countries, train travel in India is many things. But being turn-up-and-go is definitely not one of them, especially not for foreigners. I tend to subscribe to the saying that you havent been to India (let alone experienced India), until youve taken a long ride on Indian Railways. Related Articles. Travel in India by Rail Train.Either way you will want to bring enough food and water with you to last for at least twice as long as you expect the journey to be. Its a long post (Indian Railways is so one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world after all!) so grab a chai and settle down and Ill explain all you need to know about train travel in India! Pin Me! . It is the longest train ride in the Indian subcontinent.While rail travel may be slow by contemporary standards, when Indias first train traversed 21"This enterprise will launch a revolution in Indian railways and speed up Indias journey into the future, according to Prime Minster Narendra Modi. This article is a travel topic. Nearly all trains in India are operated by the government-run Indian Railways (IR) . IR is the third largest rail network in the world, and the rail system is efficient, if not always on schedule. Because of the Indian Railways people from all over the country can travel long distance to meet their needs.However in India, these toy trains travel through the Indian Rail Lines through historical sites. Indian Railways is third biggest rail network in the World. Travelling in trains in India makes you feel more comfortable than bus in long journey. Indian people also loves to travel in trains for their long journey. This implies that for regular trains, the most expensive fare simply depends upon the distance. This can be found from the list of longest train journeys in India. Many Indians bring a banquet with them for their train trip all prepared at home, ahhh the delicious tit bits I had from these wonderful "parcels" great food but I still think home cooked food rules in India. Long distance train travel calls for a kind of meditation, switch off November 10, 2012 at 8:47 am. [] Traveling by Train in India GAgoogleFillSlot("baunroadwarriorsingle300x250")Recent Posts. Aircraft Wingtips revisited. 18 hours the new normal for extra long-haul flights. Hotel Review: JW Marriott, Macau. Travelling by train is a quintessential Indian experience. Trains offer a smoother ride than buses and are especially recommended for long journeys that include overnight travel. Indias rail network is one of the largest and busiest in the world and Indian Railways is the largest utility employer on earth One of the most expensive and luxurious luxury train rides in the world, the salons of the Maharaja Express train draws inspiration from the private saloons of the erstwhile Maharajas of India. Even before the inception of rail traveling in India The New-Era Express or Navyug express is a weekly train running between Jammu Tawi to Mangalore, and ranked the third longest running train in Indian Railways in terms of distance traveled. It travels through the most of states and passes through 12 states in India. Second longest running train (by time distance) An accident on 28 July 1997[3] 3 3674 km 16687/16688 Mangalore Central Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Navyug Express SR PGT 61 Weekly 68 hrs (3 days) It travels through the most number of the states in India (14 states) Train Journeys in India. A long time ago, I looked forward to summer vacations when schools would close for a month.It is well said by you that Palaces on Wheels India for royal Rajasthan train tour is the ultimate train for the Luxury train Travel within India. For most long-distance trains with sleeper accommodation, the advance reservation period is 60 days (some trains may have 45 days -- the periods have varied in theYou can also reserve your journeys after you arrive in India. Of course, if you want you can also travel unreserved with the IndRail pass. Different trains meet different requirements of travelers.

Some trains fill the need of traveling long distances.This is the old-gold name in Indian Railway for luxury and speed. Rajdhani is the second fastest train type in India avg speed going upto 80kmph. As a India Someday client, your only hassle with train travel in India is knowing the different classes available.This form of train travel in India has only seating with wooden or padded plastic seats, definitely not recommended for long journeys. Different trains meet different requirements of travellers. Some trains run over long distances, others are planned to cut the travel time. If you are trying to understand which the best train for your travel is, heres a list of the most widely used trains in India. 3 3674 km 16687/16688 Mangalore Central Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Navyug Express SR PGT 61 Weekly 68 hrs (3 days) It travels through the most number of the states in India (14 states) 4 3628 km 16787/16788 TirunelveliTHE LONGEST TRAIN IN INDIA INDIAN RAILWAYS - Duration: 3:10. One of INDIAs Longest Trains ! 1.3 Km long INDIAN RAILWAYS with 3 locomotives 92 wagons !Train descends a fly-over ( indian railways). TOP-10 Trains The Longest Trains in the World! Timelapse video: Indian Railways train 15906, the Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek Express, travels 4,273km as it winds its way from the north-eastern corner of Assam to the southernmost tip of mainland India, an 85-hour journey which gives it the prestigious title of the longest train in India The longest train service in India is Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari Vivek express which travels 4238Km with 56 halts. It takes approximately 3.5 days to complete the journey. It is the longest train in terms of distance and time. There are several types of trains in India local trains that operate within the city such as the locals trains in Mumbai, there are long distance trains where one can travel in relative comfort, there are trains that connect the Indian capital to state capitals called the Rajdhani Express Even long distances such as Mumbai to Delhi or Delhi to Varanasi can be covered more time-effectively than flying, using overnight sleeper trains.The trains in India go almost everywhere, and its generally safe to assume that you can travel between any two Indian cities or major towns by train. The New-Era Express or Navyug express is a weekly train running between Jammu Tawi to Mangalore, and ranked the third longest running train in Indian Railways in terms of distance traveled. It travels through the most of states and passes through 12 states in India. An ideal way to travel through India is by train. India has the largest railway system in Asia and the second longest in the world.Just do not try to pin down too much on the train times given, because the trains in India are more likely to delay than they are on time. The thought of being stuck on a long distance Indian Railways train, sometimes for days at a time, can be quite daunting. These tips for train travel in India will help make your trip on Indian Railways as enjoyable as possible. Is it safe to travel by Trains in India Travelling by train in india is safe but make sure you travel by AC class and avoid Non AC travelling and just make sure you have an eye onWhat are the different type of Travel Classes available The long distance trains/overnight trains has the following options.


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