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R4i-SDHC 3DS kernel download(with mark.(Please do not update your consoles to N3DS V6.0.0-x for the time being check your RTS cards whether they can support the firmware update or not firstly.) Buy R4 card,R4i SDHC,3DS card for Nintendo DS/DSL,Nintendo DSi/XX/LL,Nintendo 3DS/XX/LL in uk 100 genuine and tested before shipping,30 days return and refund. Support Newest Nintendo 3DS V4.4.0-10 and V1.4.4 edition Console.DS Rumble Pak. DS Browser Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface. Support Skin DIYby setting background and font colors on Main and Game Menu manually and automatically Supports 4-scale-lightness best r4 card, buy r4i gold, r4i gold usa. R4i gold 3ds card and r4i-sdhc rts card can both emulate ds games on 3ds with decent compatibility, do save-state, in-game text file viewing, and more, but theyre different from each other. Posted by r4i 3ds cn at 11:59 PM No commentsElminage Gothic 3D Remix is going to bring Starfishs Lovecraftian monsters to Nintendo 3DS. Originally released for PSP, the 3DS version has new events, revised dungeon layouts, and four more character races. R4 Shop - lowest prices for all N3DS flash cartridges plus free shipping and 6 month warranty.

Buy with confidence We sell only original carts that are flashed with the latest kernel that makes them compatible with all the latest console firmware versions. Its the fact that3ds has been updated to the V5.0.0-10 , editor has updated my 3ds console and tested all my 3ds flashcarts. currently only r4i gold 3ds, supercard dstwo, ace 3ds plus, r4idsn 3ds cart can work on the latest 3DS firmware. Heres an (in) complete list of all of the emulators available for the R4 3DS, R4i SDHC and R4 DS Cards.You will need an R4 3DS card and a Micro SD card that you can use with the R4 and then youre all set. Flashing ntrboot (3DS Single System). This method requires nothing more than your stock unhacked 3DS and a compatible flashcart. This method uses the flashcart to run the ntrboot flasher .nds file on your 3DS. 1. Nope, you can only play Japanese games on the Japanese version console 2. R4i Gold 3DS RTS card is generally considered the best flashcart on the market now 3. R4i Gold Card allows you to load various games (no region locked), best place to buy r4i gold 3ds rts card http 3DS V11.5.

0-38 for New 3ds(xl), 3ds (xl), 2ds and new 2ds xl handhelds are outing on 10th, July. What are the new features added to this 3DS V11.5 and is it blocking any flashcart like R4i gold, R4i 3ds, Sky3ds, Dstwo and others or patching some homebrew launchers or stopping the N2 Elite? The latest for Nintendo game consoles is r4i gold 3ds flash cartridge. This new cart for all DS editions has once again re-captured players to enjoy new and improved gaming experience. The R4i-sdhc 3ds we send out which is with new package marked "V4.5" can work on the latest 3ds 10.2.0-28 and DSi v1.45.(2015-10-20). Newest X-mas package for R4i-sdhc 3ds has been available now. R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition (r4ids.cn). DSTT (In progress). R4i Ultra (r4 ultra.com).R4i Gold 3DS Starter (r4ids.cn). R4 3D Revolution (r4idsn.com). r4i sdhc dual core flashcart is a slot-1 flashcart released by r4isdhc.com team, this card is working great on all ds consoles, including 3ds xl, 3ds, dsi and ds lite. R4i gold 3ds rts flashcart is the most popular and effective solution to play ds backups on your 3ds/2ds/dsi console, using r4i gold card for the first time can be a bit confusing, so this guide is here to point you in the right direction. M3i Zero is a powerful flashcard for DS game and Multi-media play. But comparing with other R4 card, the setup method of M3i Zero is a little more complicated. And what is more, the current M3i Zero cards in the market are GMP-Z003 model, if you want to run them on Nintendo 3DS V4.5.0 and DSi This brand new R4i Gold 3DS PLUS card is pre-flashed with NTRboot and it supports Luma to play both DS games and 3DS games now on your NEW 3DS XL LL, NEW 3DS, NEW 2DSXL, NEW 2DS, 3DS XL LL, 3DS 2DS. Ive been here with my 3DS playing tons of demos(brazil mustard race), so i decided to search for my R4 so i can play some Rhythm Heaven. The problem is, some people told me that Nintendo can make my 3DS become a BRICK. The original Nintendo DS card / the R4 card was not the first game emulator or the first way to run running custom application on a console.These were called the R4i SDHC, and the R4i 3DS respectively. You will get a FREE 4G memory card ! R4i-SDHC RTS cards can support N3DS V11.6.0-39,DS, the latest DSi(XL)V1.4.5 perfectly!!!R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS is new 3DS card for N3DS console as well as the advanced version of R4i card - it can supports 3DS/N3DS V11.6.0-39 (2017-09-19)and NDSi 3DS CardSD Card. 3DS game roms cards.Multi- R4i GOLD. R4i-SDHC Card. Create a folder named "games", then load the roms into them. Buy trusted R4 3ds flash card from UK offical Reseller! Cheap R4,R4i,R4i gold 3DS,DSTWO,R4i SDHC 3DS,Ace3DS PLUS Ak2i,R4iTT Flashcart For Nintendo 3DS(XL) DSi(XL) DS with free shipping! 100 worked fine and original from offical team. K3DSRevolution Of 3DS You dont need 2 cards to play 3DSR4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Free 8GB Kingston/Sandisk Card 6 Published on Aug 27, 2015. R4i Gold 3DS, juegos Nintendo DS, copias NDS, juega a roms Nintendo DS, tarjeta pirata Nintendo DS, ahorra dinero jugando juegos Nintendo DS, juega en Nintendo DS, Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi, how to play nintendo ds games free. R4I-SDHC 3DS Upgrade Revolution for DSi (3DS LL/N3DS/NDSi XL/NDSi/NDSL/NDS). Support the Latest N3DS perfectly . Realtime skin/themes change function(support random skin/themes selection mode). . 3DS-linker Blog: Tous les informations et tuto concernant Nintendo 3DS, DS i, DSi xl, DS Lite, DS, Wii, daccessoires pour iPad, iPhone, PS3, Xbox 360 etc r43dsusa.com. Home (current). WOOD R4 V1.64 is released by r4ids.cn and it is for R4i Gold 3DS flashcard. With this wood kernel, you can use your r4i gold 3ds card to work on your 3ds xl, 3ds, dsi and ds lite console. It is very easy to use and set up with the guide below. Buy recommended R4 3DS cards, enjoy more downloaded ROM games, reduce hand-held console expenditure.R4i 3DS RTS Card enhanced R4i SDHC 3DS. R4i Gold 3DS Flash Card. The R4i Gold is the latest addition to the array of R4i cards that support Nintendo DSi and the newer DSi XL system. This is considered as the next step towards leveling up the use of R4 DS cards. 3DS A-Z List. RETRO. Your NO.1 source for R4, R4i, R4 3DS, R4 DSi, R4 3ds cards, R4 SDHC, R4i SDHC, R4i 3DS cards etc. Dealer, Retailers and Distributors, welcome! There is breaking news in the Nintendo handheld console world recently as a previously unknown group calling themselves Crown 3DS released images and a Youtube video of an R4 / R4i style DS card working on a Nintendo 3DS specific game! R4i-gold 3DS cards marked with "v7.1" can support V10.2.0-28 perfectly, please update your kernel to V1.73b to support firmware update.R4I-GOLD 3DS Kernel Download. Language. revolution for ALL DS.R4i XDS is a flash cartridge consoles DS (supports DSi, 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL) series. The cartridge is an updated version of R4 with multi-media features and enhancements that allow you to use the most games and homebrew applications. 4. Put the Micro SD card into the R4i gold 3DS flashcard and insert it to your DS/DSi/DSi XL/ 3DS.I download those files: the WOOD R4 V1.46 R and the DSi V1.44 Patch for R 4i Gold 3DS. While updating, the DSi XL shut down by accident, cant recognize the card. Amaan Ganie: Guy I wanted to know if I use a r4 3ds card will this work. luiz antonio antonelli antonelli: nice. Audrey Cullen: Wow, nice viruses u got there.3ds games do not work on an r4 or r4i. If you want a 3ds flashcard, check out the sky 3ds plus. Download NDS 3DS REVOLUTION R4I SDHC V1.51B FIRMWARE -THEONE1982- torrent or any other torrent from the Applications Handheld. Direct download via magnet link. R4igold3dsnew01.jpg (download) (180 180 pixels, file size: 11 KB, MIME type: image/jpeg). About. Welcome to the official R4 3DS online store! We stock and ship only the genuine R4 cards for the new Nintendo 3DS XL systems. What can you do once you have one of our cards? The possibilities are truly endless. How to use our 3DS ROMs. The Nintendo 3DS is the latest handheld console in a long and iconic range of handhelds from Nintendo.You can think of these flash carts as the R4 of 3DS emulation as their functionality will be very similar. R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS supporte Real-time save, real-time guide et User-cheat! R4i SDHC est compatible avec tous les consoles 3DS,2DS, DSi xl,DSi, DS lite,DS y compris DSi 1.

4.5 et 3DS V11.0.0-33. The R4i Gold 3DS Updater is enable you to update your R4i Gold 3DS card on a PC directly(no need a NDS console anymore)! with this device, you can also backup your 3DS saver, which can be read, saved smoothly as a file on your computer R4i-Gold-3DS. 0 Followers0 Following. 42 Photos. Unfortunately the only ones that work with the current 3ds are the R4i 3 ds cards and the R4i gold 3ds cards :c. GBA ExpLoader is a GBA backup loader for the nds r4 cards apparently but I dont see it that way Oh well, at least I can play NES and NDS on it. r4i3d(new) 3dsV2.03dsV2.0NDS/DSL/DSI/DSILL/DSIXL/3DS r4i3d(new) 3dsV2.0. Neo Geo Games on Your Nintendo 3DS?R4 3DS 7.1.0-14 Compatible Firmware Released! Most likely for N3DS games we will need a new generation of R4 3DS flash cards. Nonetheless most teams have done a great job on updating their R4 DS / R4i DSi card firmware to make them 3DS compatible after Nintendo had blocked all cards from running on the new console.


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